Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013 - - Long Time No Post -- Leona Divide 50; R2R2R; Western States Pacing; Training -> Racing

It’s unbelievable how quickly time has passed since my last post… I thought I would give a quick summary of what has transpired since… then what’s next in what is shaping up to be an exciting fall…

Winter Training - - Super “sketchy” and inconsistent.  Great weeks of solid training followed by illness and inconsistency.  Not ideal, but is what it is.

Leona Divide - - Felt solid coming into the race despite the “weird” training.  The goal was to get a Western States qualifier (= top 2).  After leading the first 10miles, I went off course and lost about 15min.  I then tried to make up the time too quickly and started paying for it about 30miles in. To win, I knew there was little room for error, as Rob Krar was ready for a great race..  As such, I came in 2nd place overall to Rob.  Even though, I got my Western Qualifier, I got heat exhaustion and questioned whether I had the mental energy to run Western.. but gave it a few weeks.

Rim to Rim to Rim - - On short notice & 2 weeks following Leona, I set out to run a fast Rim to Rim to Rim with Ricky Gates, Dillon Bowman, Ryan Ghelfi, & David Laney.  This was a pretty fun outing until the brutal heat starting pressing on us a little before the top of the North Rim.  At that point, I went down in flames pretty quickly.  Coming up S.Kaibab was a nightmare.. it was just too hot and I hadn’t recovered from my heat exhaustion 2 weeks before.. Upon getting to the top, I decided that I was out for Western States.. I figured I could recover physically, but the last 2 efforts really took it out of me mentally.. so best to just chill out.

Pacing Rob Krar at Western States - - Since I wasn’t racing, I went ahead helped Rob’s pace / crew team.  The race and Rob’s performance were energizing.. and inspiring.  I was proud to be part of supporting Rob’s amazing effort.

Spring / Summer Training - - Awesome.  Look out fall races! - - Race plan = Pikes Peak Marathon, Imogene Pass Run(?), UROC 100k, Bootlegger 50k, & TNF 50mile Champs.

Big Brothers Big Sisters ½ Marathon - - As a tune up for Pike Peak Marathon, I ran a tough local trail half marathon.  The effort was solid.. and I ended up winning by about 45seconds.  I felt a bit leg weary, but strong.. perfect for where I want to be leading up to Pikes Peak.

Ready for a fun (busy) fall racing schedule..