Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 25, 2011 - Big News - Congrats Jared!!

I will post a link when the website gets updated... Jared Scott of Flagstaff / Grand Canyon finished 6th Overall at the Mountain Running Championships in New Hampshire today.  By finishing 6th place, he qualified for the US World Team.. which will compete at the World Mtn Running Championships in Albania this September.. Congrats Jared!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21, 2011 – Lord of the Flies

This week of training is going very well thus far.  I have been able to stick pretty close to schedule and my body has been able to bounce back from last week’s sessions.

During a 90min run today, for the first time ever I was attacked by bugs.  It was both crazy.. and hilarious. 

About 35min into my run, I noticed I was being followed by several buzzing insects.  With all of the blooming flowers, I assumed that they were bees.. maybe hornets??. Within a few minutes, the number of insects swarming around me were growing rapidly.  Before I knew it, I had about 50 to 60 insects not only following me.. but buzzing my eyes, ears, head, neck, legs.. they were EVERYWHERE!!..

I tried batting them away with my arms to no avail… so I used my t-shirt.  This seemed to provide some relief, but it was very temporary.  I even tried to outrun the little buggers, but apparently these guys are in good shape.. 3miles of sub 6min pace didn’t even phase them. 

Now I am getting close to the Arboretum.  There are several buildings that I start to run towards while swinging my shirt & arms like a madman… and the bees are still with me.  I find an unlocked door and quickly jump inside.  In a fevered-pitch, I tell one of the ladies, “I am being chased by Bees!!”… She looks at me with a half smile and responds with, “Those are Horse Flies”.  Good to know. 

Feeling kinda stupid, I walk back outside and let one of the swarming insects land on my arm.  Sure enough, it was a horsefly.  Well ain’t that somethin’. 

I am sure the folks at the Arboretum had a good laugh.. and rightfully so.  The rest of my run was a lot less exciting… which was a good thing. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 18th, 2011 – First Week of Pre-Chicago-TRR Training

Over the past 10days, I have enjoyed some really great running.  My focus has been on getting ready for some really hard training starting in July in preparation for Chicago & TransRockies.  As such, I actually hit the track & pavement for the first time in over 6months.  It’s kinda fun to get out there every now and again.. but truthfully, I GREATLY prefer running on the trails. 

I started the week with a solid 22 Miler running from my house to the rolling Pipeline trail over to Forces of Nature trail.. then climbing Elden Lookout  trail (2,500ft over 3miles).  Once at the top, I hopped down Sunset Trail to Schultz’s Creek, which brought me around to Elden Road and back to my house.  I covered this in 2hrs 42min.

On Monday & Wednesday, were my “road” days.  I did a Track workout Monday morning before work.. and a short Tempo Run Wednesday on Pavement.  Both of the workouts went really well.. other than my legs felt a little off.  They just weren’t used to running on those surfaces.

Saturday I came back with a steady 21miler on the “famous” A1 route.  This route is on Forest Service roads.  It takes you 7miles out to the Wing Mtn Loop.  This first portion has some rolling hills, but is mainly a slight elevation gain.  Then you run the 7mile Wing Mtn Loop going clockwise.   This route starts out with fairly sharp down hills and then on to gentle uphills.  The last mile or so is pretty rough.  The road jacks-up pretty good and you have to do a bit of climbing.  Once you get around the loop, you just have to run the mainly downhill 7miles back to the finish.. a really nice run.

I ran this loop at a pretty steady pace.. avg 6:30/mile.  Nothing too fast, but considering that I ran it in the middle of the day when it was 85degrees, it was windy, and my legs felt like tubes of toothpaste before I even started… I was VERY happy with the effort.

All in all… a great first week of training.. Now I just need to get in a couple more.. and get ready to really get after it starting in July. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 6, 2011 - Quick Look Back... and What's Next

After the GC Single Crossing, I have been doing a bit of reflecting.  Initially, I have to admit I was kind of disappointed with the outcome of the run.  I really expected to be at or under 3hrs.  I knew coming in that I was "under-trained", but I still had high-hopes.  As I started looking back at my training, it is pretty obvious why I fell short of my goal.. and to be honest, I should be happy that I ran as well as I did.

Looking 12 weeks back from the run... The first 6 weeks I was running 80 - 90 miles/ week with some solid runs.  The next 6weeks I was running about 25-30miles/week and did not have too many "solid" runs.. I had only one trip to the Canyon in the entire 12 weeks.

What to take from that??.... Well, I should be VERY happy with the effort and the time.. especially considering how far my training was off.

Enough of the past.. it was a solid run.. and most of all, it was fun.

Since the GC Single, I fought my way through an upper respiratory virus and stomach virus.  Neither of which were fun.. but now I am actually back to running consistently.  It's probably going to take me a few more days of running to feel solid again, but I'm happy to be healthy.

Ok.. Now the fun stuff.. What's next??.. I am signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October.  That race is going to be my true "focus race".. but after some deep thought.. and discussion, I have decided to make my way back to Colorado for the 2011 TransRockies.  My partner is going to be the local speedster.. Mike Smith.  He won the race in 2009 with Rob Krar (another Flagstaff fast dude)... so there is a bit of pressure to repeat that success... which should just make us train that much harder..

For the first time this year, I am SUPER STOKED about running.  TRR is an awesome event.. Chicago is going to be fun.. but I am most excited about Mike & I training together.. if everything goes as planned, we should be wicked fit by late August.  CAN'T WAIT!!!...