Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21, 2011 – Lord of the Flies

This week of training is going very well thus far.  I have been able to stick pretty close to schedule and my body has been able to bounce back from last week’s sessions.

During a 90min run today, for the first time ever I was attacked by bugs.  It was both crazy.. and hilarious. 

About 35min into my run, I noticed I was being followed by several buzzing insects.  With all of the blooming flowers, I assumed that they were bees.. maybe hornets??. Within a few minutes, the number of insects swarming around me were growing rapidly.  Before I knew it, I had about 50 to 60 insects not only following me.. but buzzing my eyes, ears, head, neck, legs.. they were EVERYWHERE!!..

I tried batting them away with my arms to no avail… so I used my t-shirt.  This seemed to provide some relief, but it was very temporary.  I even tried to outrun the little buggers, but apparently these guys are in good shape.. 3miles of sub 6min pace didn’t even phase them. 

Now I am getting close to the Arboretum.  There are several buildings that I start to run towards while swinging my shirt & arms like a madman… and the bees are still with me.  I find an unlocked door and quickly jump inside.  In a fevered-pitch, I tell one of the ladies, “I am being chased by Bees!!”… She looks at me with a half smile and responds with, “Those are Horse Flies”.  Good to know. 

Feeling kinda stupid, I walk back outside and let one of the swarming insects land on my arm.  Sure enough, it was a horsefly.  Well ain’t that somethin’. 

I am sure the folks at the Arboretum had a good laugh.. and rightfully so.  The rest of my run was a lot less exciting… which was a good thing. 

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