Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 02, 2011 - Running Steady

For the past few weeks, things have been going really well. My focus has been to increase my leg speed with some lower volume speedwork while keeping my weekly miles in the 90miles/week range.  I felt like I was really lacking in this area after being so trail / long run focused for the past 6months.  In addition, my teammate for TransRockies, Mike Smith, just finished running a low 2:21 marathon in early June, so I want to make sure I can at least keep up with the guy.

These past few weeks have gone better than I could have expected.  Each week consisted of short/fast repeats & Double Runs on Monday; Long Runs &/or Double Runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; Longer Repeats or Tempo Runs on Wednesday; and a +3hr Run on Saturday.

I kept all of my track work at 4:50/mile or faster. My Tempo Runs were at 5:30/mile or faster. My Long Runs, I was able to recovery quickly enough from the weeks work to run really steady. - - Remember, I am training at 7k ft, so all of this stuff is no only harder to complete.. but also harder to recover from than it is at sea level.

With all of that being said, I am VERY ready for next Monday.  That is when the real training begins.

Here we go!!

On a personal note: During this 3 week period, we welcomed our 3rd Little Boy to the Wolfe-Pack.  He & Mom are doing great.. and he has been a real joy!!


  1. "Monday. That is when the real training begins."
    haha..your training schedule is insane. I'm at least 2 years away from maintaining a schedule of your level, if ever! What a motivation you are!

    Congrats on your 3rd boy. My wife and I are expecting our first boy (2nd child) this November.

  2. Thanks Wesley.. Congrats & Best wishes to you and your wife and your growing family!!..