Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012 – How Time Flies

It’s pretty amazing how quickly January came to a close.  It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas yesterday. Now all of a sudden we are getting ready to start February.  Where did January go???.. I blame this “velocity of life” on how busy I have been in pretty much every phase of my life.  All good stuff.. but crazy nonetheless.  

Despite how hectic things have been, I have managed to run enough to keep fairly fit.  I came into January with 4 running goals - - Stay Healthy, Be Consistent, Get in some Long Runs, & Maintain High Mileage.  I have stayed Healthy.  I have been Consistent.. I have got in at least 1 good Long Run a week.. but my mileage has been lacking a bit.  My hope was to keep things between 90 and 100.. Unfortunately my mileage has fluctuated from 50 to 85. 

So here I am… it’s February .. I am in decent shape.. and I have Moab 55k in 3 weeks.  Of course, I want to do well at Moab, but I have races later in the spring that I really want to focus on.  As such, the plan for this month is to pretty much train through Moab and get ready for some strong running leading up to Leona Divide 50mile in April…. And then San Juan 50mile in June.

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