Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012 - The Moab 55k That Never Happened

Coming in to Moab I was worried about my fitness, but what ultimately did me in was a nasty sore throat and fever. After feeling a bitt off Friday morning, I made the decision to head to Moab and hope that things would turn around. Not only did I not start feeling better, I actually made a turn for the worst.

Despite how I was feeling Friday night, I held out hope that a good nights sleep would cure things and that I would be able to tough the race out.

Saturday morning came and I felt horrible. I decided to prepare as if I was going to race and make the go or no-go decision after my warmup. Five minutes into my warmup, I was absolutely exhausted and struggling to catch my breath. That was it.... I wasn't racing.

When I wasn't sleeping in my car, I popped out and tried to support the folks that did run. I also made a quick stop at the Moab Hospital and got some antibiotics. My hope is that I can get this sick stuff turned around soon and get back to running. It was hard to drive the almost 6hrs to race and then pull-out, but I know it was the right / smart thing to do. Now to get healthy.. then.. get in shape.

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  1. good to see team flagstaff tear it up there in your absence.