Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012 – Cramming for the Final - - Leona Divide this weekend

Since my last post, my training has been pretty solid.  I am planning on racing the Leona Divide 50miler this weekend and even though my training was spotty this winter, over the past 6 weeks I feel like things have really come together.

Last week, I pulled back on the “easy” day runs, but kept up the intensity with a Tuesday night Team Run Flagstaff track workout followed up by a Friday evening 21miler on the A1 Route.  I was especially pleased with the A1 effort.  I was able to keep the first 7miles at a steady 6:45min/mile.  At that point, I dropped the pace and put more into the run.  For the final 14miles, I averaged 6:03min/mile.  This was a real confidence builder leading into this Saturday and hopefully a good indication that things will come together just in time for a solid race.      

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