Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22, 2011 - SICK.. What a Bummer!

I was really hoping to get in a good 30miler this weekend, but unfortunately I have been fighting a wicked cold for the past few days.  I am SUPER BUMMED.. I haven't been sick in about 18months, so I guess I was due.  Feeling like garbage definitely makes me appreciate "good health".. I think the hardest part has been taking what will be my 3rd Day Off in a row from any excercise.  It's amazing how addicted one can get to running.. both physically & mentally.

Hopefully, this junk will pass soon and I will be back on the trails...

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  1. It must be the running times article curse. It'll getcha every time. Like the sports illustrated cover curse. haha. Get better soon.