Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30, 2011 - I'm Back Baby!!.. Kinda... & Tentative 2011 Race Schedule

After 9 days of ZERO activity due to what I am calling the "Death Virus", I finally went out for a run.  I made it a whopping 20min.. and needed a nap afterwards, but it felt good to get out and move my legs.  I am planning on a few more short runs, then hoping to get back after it... The plan is to listen to my body and come back as slowly as necessary... typically coming back slowly is not one of my stong suits, but after going through this, I don’t want to breathe any life back into the “Death Virus”…


The plan is to break the year into 3 parts.  In the Winter / Spring, I plan on focusing on the “Ultra” Distances.  My focus will be on breaking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim record, which currently stands at 6hr 59min 57sec by Dave Mackey of Boulder, CO. 

In the Spring / Summer, I will focus on getting some “wheels” and running some shorter local races.

In Summer / Fall, I will go into full blown Marathon Training.  My hope is that I can recruit a couple partners as running with quality guys will be a huge boost. My focus race will be the Chicago Marathon.  My hope is to go sub2hrs 20min…

After Chicago, I might consider running the North Face 50mile Championships depending on where my mind & health are.

Summary of “Planned Races”
Race Name:                                         Date:
Sedona Marathon                                 February 12th
Mesquite Canyon 50km                        March 12th
GC R2R2R                                          April 1st
Zane Grey 50Miler                               April 16th
GC Single Crossing                              ?? – When Road Opens to NRim         
Gaspin in the Aspen                              June 18th
Snowbowl Hill Climb                            Mid July
½ Marathon – TBD                              Late Aug / Early Sept
Chicago Marathon                                October 9th
North Face 50Mile Champs                 December 3rd

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