Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6, 2011 – Mt Elden… then Mars Hill

For my first “real” run since being sick, I decided to run Mt. Elden Rd from the Y (Schultz Pass Road / Elden Road – junction) on Saturday, which is about 14miles round trip and almost 2,500ft of elevation change.  I considered heading to the Canyon, but I am still not feeling 100%, so I decided to play it cautious.

I got started around 8am and ran the 1.5mile Road Section to the “Gate” as a warmup in 10min 58sec.  Once I hit the dirt road section I decided to start pushing the pace a bit. I felt good, but my legs were still “heavy” and my body still recovering from my bout with the Death Virus.. all things considered, I felt good.  From the Gate to the Summit is 5.5miles.  The footing was really good for a majority of the run.  There were a few icy sections but a majority of the road was great.  I ended up getting from the Gate to the Summit in 46min 16sec.  A solid time.. My fastest time last Spring was a high 42min.. so I am still trying to get back to that point, but I am pretty happy with the effort and outcome.

After briefly taking in the view, I began to head back down… out of no where, the wind started to really pickup.  Each gust brought with a bit of sting, so I decided to push the pace a little until I got to a lower elevation.  Before I knew it, I was at the gate in a split of 41min 11sec. 

The final paved 1.5miles, I pushed pretty hard and covered this stretch in 8min 45min (5:50/mile pace)… always nice to finish strong.. My total time = 1hr 47min 12sec.. A super-solid run.

On Sunday, I decided to do a recovery run up Mars Hill (500ft of Elevation change in 0.5miles).  The weather was really nice, so I was looking forward to getting out and just running for as long as I felt I could.  Once I got to Mars Hill, I quickly figured out the footing was going to be “slick” at best.. actually, it was like an ice skating rink almost the entire way.. At one point, I did the slipping-sliding.. herky-jerky.. thing where you try to catch yourself, but was unsuccessful.. I ended up sprawled out on the ice face first.. it probably looked hilarious.. I quickly bounced up.. looked around.. and proceeded to “slide” my way back home… With Yak-Trax or Microspikes, this might be runnable.. without some kind of traction aid… better bring a helmet!!..

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