Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 2011 - Change of Plans

After recovering from the trauma of a “wild” weekend at the canyon, I have been doing some thinking.  I mentioned in my last post that I was contemplating a R2R2R reschedule based on my health and inability to get in the necessary long runs.  That issue was further exacerbated this week when I once again got sick.  Looking back at my calendar, I have been under the weather 24 out of the last 40days.  That’s not good.  Previous to this “sickly” stretch, I went almost 22months without even a cold. 

I am in the worst shape that I have been in 2yrs.  I am 10lbs over my typical “race” weight.  Needless to say, I am not feeling too confident about my ability to run a fast Rim to Rim to Rim.  To be honest, I am thinking I might struggle with a local 5k at this point.  With that being said, I have decided not to run the Rim to Rim to Rim this Spring.  Depending on several factors, I may give it a shot this November.  Instead, I am looking at training March-April-May for a Single Crossing Record Attempt.

A little background on the Single Crossing:  The record is currently held by Allyn Cureton of Williams, AZ.  He set the record in 1981.  The course starts at the NRim and finishes on the SRim via the Kaibab Trail.  He covered this stretch in 3hrs 6min 47sec in a race.  (Races are no longer allowed in the Grand Canyon).  Many big name trail guys have attempted to break this record over the past 30years, but the record still stands.  A testament to how fast this time really is.

I have put together a band of local fast guys to go after this record.  The confirmed list includes Jared Scott, Paul Saladino, and Brian Tinder.  The “maybe’s” include Ian Torrence, Eric Bohn, Caleb Schiff, and Mike Smith.  Each one of us has a VERY legitimate chance to take this record down, so I am hoping with each other’s help, one or all of us will get it done.

We are currently getting the logistics together for a run towards the end of May.  It is looking like Friday, May 27th will be the date. 

Though I am disappointed about not running the Rim to Rim to Rim this spring, I am equally excited about the opportunity to run a fast Single Crossing.  It should be a fun Spring!!..


  1. Jason - sorry to hear that. All the best. I am aware of at least a couple of contingents heading down in April from CO if you look to have a more mellow, but epic day in the Canyon.

  2. Thanks George. Have them send me an email (in my profile).. and hopefully we could work something out.. Happy Running!!!