Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011 – Running Again.. Yahoo!!..

Well, I am halfway through my antibiotics… I have run 35 – 45min a day for a whopping 3days in a row..  After each of those, I felt pretty wiped-out, but it was nice to get out and run again.  I was planning on running a 20miler with some of the guys down in Sedona, but since I am trying to ease my way back, I decided to stay local and just take it easy.

I ended up running one of my “standard” 10milers.  Mars Hill Up-Over-&-Back.  From my house, I ran the 1.5miles to the trail.. then up Mars Hill.. ~500ft of climbing.. then I coasted the flat section on Lowell Observatory Mesa then down hill to the train trestle, which includes another ~500ft of elevation change.. then I turned around and did it in reverse..

Though I still felt pretty weak, I was happy with the run.  It took me about 72min.  When I am in good shape and running hard, I usually run that in a shade over 1hr. 

It was fun to be out running again… It was also refreshing to have a “normal” run without all the drama.  I am really looking forward to next week where I am still going to focus on staying healthy, but I am hoping to push it a little more.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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