Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011 - Top 5 Ways To Tell You Are Getting "Serious" About Running

Top 5 Ways to Tell You Are Getting "Serious" About Running...
(#5) You often refer to food as "Fuel".

(#4) When traveling, you are the one person that get's sore, because you are not in the kind of "shape" necessary to sit for hours on end.

(#3) Your shoe collection is on par with Imelda Marcos.

(#2) You're a Man.. and you are obsessed with your weight.

(#1) 90% of your shorts collection consists of shorts that are at least 10in above the knee.


  1. ha ha, I wish I could here you say you need some fuel!

  2. Not only do I say it.. I often say it while sporting some disgustingly short shorts..