Monday, April 11, 2011

April 9, 2011 – Snow Rules the Weekend in Flag

Well after another solid week of training (+80miles on trails ; 2 Solid Workouts), I am starting to feel really good about the direction of my fitness and my training.  I was hoping to get a Canyon run in this Saturday, but due to the weather and the “threat” of a government shutdown, I decided to stay local.

Between Friday night & Saturday afternoon, Flagstaff got about 12in of snow!!.. so I figured I would break out the snow shoes.. So after shoveling snow for about 1.5hrs, I ended up running up Mars Hill over Lowell Observatory Mesa.. down the back side to the train tressel and back.  It’s about a 10miler including the 1mile to & from my house.. The  fresh powder definitely added some difficulty.  Other than a few cross country ski tracks at the base, I was trail-blazing the whole time. I finished the entire run in 1hr 36min, which I was really happy with considering the conditions. 

We are suppose to have some really nice weather this week, so I am hoping the trails will be clear soon.  Snow is awesome.. but that amount in April is tough to smile about..

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